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Don’t Overpay For Your Medical Waste Pickup.

MedWaste Partners, LLC shall be the exclusive agent to collect, transport, treat and dispose of all wastes generated by the customer, consistent with all State and/or Federal laws. MedWaste Partners will pick up from the customer, on the agreed upon schedule. If due to unforeseen circumstances out of MedWaste Partner’s control, a pickup is missed, MedWaste Partners will reschedule to fulfill the amounts due to the customer. MedWaste Partners, LLC will provide free of charge all necessary approved containers for disposal and treatment of the Medical Waste. The Customer is responsible for taking proper care of all containers. MedWaste Partners, LLC will not be responsible or liable for any failure by the Customer or its employees to comply with any Federal, State or County regulations. The Customer agrees that MedWaste Partners, LLC may subcontract with others for a portion or all of its responsibilities. MedWaste Partners will provide state approved tracking documents on a monthly basis. MedWaste Partners, LLC shall not collect any waste not classified as regulated medical waste by any applicable federal, state, county or municipal laws, regulations and guidelines. The customer shall place bio/sharps waste, pharmaceutical waste, pathological and trace chemo in their respective appropriately labeled containers.

Pricing & Billing:

If accepted, MedWaste Partners, LLC will guarantee the pricing agreed upon for thirty-six (36) months. MedWaste Partners, LLC may adjust the contract rate in the event of major price changes, of which MedWaste Partners, LLC has no control such as fuel, insurance, disposal fees.

Customer will receive monthly invoices to be paid within thirty (30) days. Customer will also receive proof of destruction, after each pickup.

Failure of the Customer to not pay the invoice after thirty (30) days, reserves the right for MedWaste Partners to suspend service without notice. In the event that any costs are incurred for collection of outstanding invoices etc, the Customer agrees that it will be responsible for all fees.

Terms & Termination:

This agreement is effective as of the date set out above, and shall be for thirty-six months. This agreement will automatically be renewed for another thirty-six unless either party has notified the other via written notice, at least sixty days prior to termination. If the Customer terminates the agreement before the thirty-six months, the Customer is responsible to pay MedWaste Partners, LLC an amount equal to the sum of the Customer's most recent six months of billing, or if there have been no pickups yet, an amount equal to the estimated per month charge multiplied by six. The Customer understands and agrees that the foregoing liquidated damages are reasonable in light of the anticipated loss to MedWaste Partners, LLC and are not imposed as a penalty.

MedWaste Partners, LLC shall have the necessary permits, licenses, and authorizations required.  MedWaste Partners, LLC shall maintain the manifests and tracking documents. The Customer has full liability for all its waste, and the Customer will be responsible for its pickup and delivery etc, if upon inspection it is found as unacceptable waste. MedWaste Partners, LLC shall not be responsible for any injuries, damage or loss arising from the Customer’s waste prior to being picked up by MedWaste Partners, LLC, or arising from any malpractice or misconduct of a Service Provider. The Customer agrees to indemnify and hold MedWaste Partners LLC, their successors and assigns, harmless against all loss, damage or liability of any nature.

This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the Laws of the state of Service Operation. This agreement supersedes any other written agreement. This agreement may be amended only if a written agreement is signed by both parties. In the event that MedWaste Partners, LLC is sold or merges with another Company, it is agreed that the contract will remain enforceable according to its terms. The individual signing this agreement has the authority to sign on behalf of the customer, and He or She has read and understands the agreement.

Medwaste Partners must agree to the proposed price in order for this agreement to be valid. MedWaste Partners will contact you regarding this proposal.

With PriceWaste, You Set the Price.
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Flat Fee

Per Pickup

37913242 - biohazard waste bags with used syringes,  needles, bandages, and other medical waste.



We are a top rated medical waste management company focused on alleviating waste management over-payment.


We do that through our unique Name The Price method. This allows the consumer to be in control of their solution and a partner in determining their costs.

We evaluate each offer and will either accept or work together with you to help you get industry bottom pricing. Our expertise and deep relationships in the field, serving businesses of all sizes, allows us to offer the best possible price.

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Why PriceWaste?

You Select
Your Price.
Save 30-50%
off Industry Rates.
Flat Fee/Per Pickup.
Only pay for what we pick up.
90 Day
Satisfaction Guarantee.
A Network of Service Providers across the USA.
All Inclusive
Years of
Full Compliance with
OSHA Standards.
Offering the best value and experience in the industry.


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OSHA Compliant

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Flat Fee Per Pickup

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We are partnered with licensed and regulated top tier medical waste companies all across the US.

It’s Easy. Just Submit Your No Obligation Price.

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Simply fill out the form, send us your information and the price you want to pay. On average PriceWaste customers have been able to save or lower their costs by 30 – 50%. You can be on your way to savings too.






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PriceWaste has the largest network of waste removal providers across the United States.

Pick up, disposal, manifest, document retention, OSHA training, 24-hour account access, all included in the price. No gimmicks and surprises.

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